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Hispana Idiomas is an experienced translation company specialized in simple, technical and certified translations and high-end conference interpretation services of Spanish from and into any language. Founded in Lima Peru and with offices in the U.S., our Spanish translation company brings over 14 years of proven translation and interpretation experience to your organization.

Hispana Idiomas specializes in translating and interpreting any language from and into Spanish, serving clients all over the world, including top multinational companies, governments and non-profit organizations in almost every major industry.

You can feel confident that your Spanish translations and international conferences will be handled by the best translators and interpreters in the industry. Every part of your project will be handled professionally and confidentially. You can rely on Hispana Idiomas to get your message across in any language.

Experience in the Industry

Why Choose Hispana Idiomas

We provide multilingual communication solutions in all academic fields, subjects, and formats (written, oral, audio-visual) ensuring the highest standards in quality, timeliness, and confidentiality.

Proven Experience

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Hispana Idiomas is a professional translation company which offers expert language services. Our clients choose us because of our expert ability to translate from and into Spanish, high quality standards, and our competitive pricing.


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Because we provide excellent quality


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Competitive Prices

Terms and conditions applied


  • 2-3 Business Days
    Turnaround by email
  • Regular Post Delivery
  • Accredited and certified by Hispana Idiomas
Terms and conditions applied


  • 2-3 business days
    Turnaround by email
  • Accredited and certified by Hispana Idiomas
Terms and conditions applied


  • 2-3 business days
    Turnaround by email
  • 1 Certified Hard Copy ink signed and stamped by Certified Translator

Global Language Coverage
Experts in most important Languages

English 61%
Portuguese 22%
French 15%
German 7%
Arabic 3%
Chinese 3%
Quechua 1%
Spanish 66%
Korean 1%

“We excel at ensuring you communicate effectively to the world. We are committed to be your partners in getting your message across to your audiences”
Kathy Mujica



Who are our translators?

Our translators are natives of the official language into which they translate. Due to the Internet and information advances, we have professional translators in different countries translating into a variety of different languages. To complete the cycle of quality control, the translation is subject to an editing process and finally, style revision before being delivered to the client.

How do we conduct our Translation Process?

Once we have received the translation request, we ask the client for the materials and/or documents to be translated, analyze its respective contents, and then confirm the translation order. Next, we obtain as much information about the client’s needs and promptly begin the translation process.
Hispana ’s Translation Project Manager carefully selects the best qualified translator to perform the job according to his/her sector of specialization.
For large projects an experienced project manager will be assigned and be responsible for the coordination of the team of translators, proofreaders, formatters, etc.
At this stage, the assigned translators are committed to their job, work as a team, and make deadlines a priority. Later, all work is reviewed by a sector specific proofreader and the project manager in order to verify the document ’s formatting, style, and technical aspects. This guarantees the highest quality level for the final product. After delivering the translated documents, we monitor customer satisfaction and make appropriate changes to improve the process.

What type of translations do we do?

– General, technical, certified translation
– Any topic, both general or specialized.
– They can be low volume translations or large projects.
– Mainly in the combinations English-Spanish; Spanish-English / Portuguese-Spanish; Spanish-Portuguese / and French-Spanish, but don’t hesitate to ask about translations in other languages.

How is the delivery time calculated?

The delivery time is calculated depending on the estimated size of the project, and according to the work load at the time the estimate is requested. If urgency is required, the delivery time can be reduced and an extra fee will be applied.

Which programs and formats can I send?

We accept any format.

How can I pay?

How can I pay?

Currently, payments can be made by bank transfer.

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