Hispana Idiomas provides the service of transcription and translation of audio and video in different languages. If the audio is going to be dubbed, we will adapt the texts to the spoken language and, if necessary, adjust its length. We collaborate with dubbing studios very close to our offices and we can take care of the complete dubbing and adaptation of this type of multimedia resources.

The video translation process for subtitling includes the following stages:

  • Transcription of the original video (the client can provide the script of the original audio and avoid the cost of this stage)
  • Translation of the transcribed document and adaptation of the content to the duration of each subtitle according to the subtitling standards.
  • Translation of videos for dubbing or narration

If the purpose of the translation is to use the same video with a narration in another language or with a professional dubbing, in addition to the transcription of the original audio and translation to the requested language we will adapt the content to the duration of the original narration and we will carry out the preparation of the voice over or dubbing script to allow the timing synchrony.

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