Remote Simultaneous Translation / COVID-19

At Hispana Idiomas we understand the situation that the world is going through due to the COVID-19 Pandemic; therefore we want to offer the alternative of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for your meetings and conferences in which speakers
and participants can be in different physical locations connected through the same virtual space.
We provide various technological solutions for Simultaneous Translation in Video Conferences, Conference Calls, Skype Calls, Zoom, Webex, GoToWebinar or any other similar platform.
All your Meetings, Conferences, Webinars, Training Courses and Board of Director’s Meetings with participants in different parts of the world will be able to run effectively and with the highest quality.

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Through an online platform, speakers and participants of the meeting, as well as the interpreters and sound technicians, will connect to the same virtual space, even if they are in different physical locations. All participants will be able to listen to the
meeting or conference in the original language or listen to the simultaneous interpretation on their headphones or mobile phones when a speaker or participant intervenes in another language.
Simultaneous Remote Translation can be offered in two ways:

1.- 100% Online Mode, where speakers, participants, interpreters and sound technicians are all in different physical locations. From our own platform and remote sound room, we will control and distribute the original audio / video signal to the interpreters, who will perform the simultaneous interpretation in real time, which will be sent to each participant’s mobile phone, tablet, laptop in their native language.
Speakers or Facilitators of the Meeting will use their own computer to project their presentation and be connected to  interpreters and participants.

2.- Blended Modality, where the interpreters and sound technicians can be in the Client's facilities or offices, together with the Speakers or Facilitators of the meeting but the participants in different physical locations.

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